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Criminal Pardon/Expungement Applications

Our attorneys have submitted dozens of successful pardon applications on behalf of our clients to the Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles.
In Connecticut there are two forms of pardons available. The first type of pardon is a full pardon. A full pardon is an absolute erasure of your criminal record. An individual may be eligible for a full pardon if three (3) years have passed since his/her most recent misdemeanor conviction and five (5) years after the date of disposition of the most recent felony conviction. It is important to remember that you cannot apply for an erasure of just one offense or another. In order to apply for a pardon, you must apply for erasure of your entire criminal history.
Connecticut also allows for a provisional pardon. A provisional pardon is for employment and licensing purposes only. Although an individual can apply for a provisional pardon at any time after the date of conviction, it is important to remember that a provisional pardon does not erase your criminal history.

During the application process, our attorneys will work with you to compile the necessary documentation in order to successfully submit your application for a full or provisional pardon, as well as prepare the written portions of the application describing the what and why of your convictions, why you are seeking a pardon, and how you have changed since your convictions. We will also appear with you before the Board of Pardons in the event that you are granted a pardon hearing.