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Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy. There is much more to estate planning than simply protecting your finances and assets. The attorneys of Chinigo, Leone & Maruzo can assist you with everything from who can make health care decisions for you, who will take care of your minor children if you should pass away unexpectedly, and prepare a will that provides for how you wish to distribute your assets upon your death. Let us create an estate plan that fits your goals.

When someone passes away, his or her estate must be administered according to his or her wishes as stated in their will. Often times an estate must go through the probate process during which a court will supervise the distribution of the individual’s assets and the payment of any debts.
This process is can be complex and involves a substantial amount of documentation. Disputes may arise during the probate process where a family member or other party may contest the validity of the will. We will help you through this process and handle any probate litigation that may occur.